A variety of resources and opportunities are available to students.

Course Planning
All preparatory courses and core courses are offered in fall and spring semesters. Elective courses rotate throughout the year. Please note that course offerings and schedules are subject to change and not all classes will be offered each semester. For complete information on M.S. in Economics concentrations, visit the concentrations page

Research Seminar Series
The Department hosts a seminar series, featuring well-known academics presenting research of interest to faculty and graduate students in a variety of disciplines. Click here to view the event calendar for the current academic year.

Study Abroad
There are a number of opportunities for M.S. in Economics students to study abroad for a single summer semester or for an entire academic year. Students can transfer up to six hours (two classes) from another department - with pre-approval from the program director. The Department of Economics has summer-school relationships with Copenhagen Business SchoolKingston (London), and Duisenberg (Germany). 

Dual Degree with Copenhagen Business School
The Belk College of Business at UNC Charlotte and the Copenhagen Business School are collaborating on an exciting dual master’s-degree program in economics. Graduates of the program will receive both an M.S. in Economics with a Quantitative Financial Economics concentration from UNC Charlotte and a MSc in Economics and Business Administration, specializing in Applied Economics and Finance from Copenhagen Business School. Students will spend one academic year in each location. For more information on this program contact Amy Riter.

The department of Economics strives to provide students with the opportunity for paid and non-paid internships with various employers around the city and region. Also, many students are successful at obtaining paid internships through the Hire-a-Niner website and job fairs held on campus. If a student has a qualifying internship during the summer semester or any other time, the student can appeal for that internship to be counted as directed study credit. Contact Amy Riter if you are interested in obtaining or earning credit for an internship.

Student Life
Graduate Business Association (GBA)
A student-led organization committed to graduate business students. Membership in the Graduate Business Association is open to all enrolled graduate business students.

Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG)
The governing body for graduate students, designed to meet the academic, social, and logistical needs of graduate students enrolled at the university. Membership is open to all graduate students.

Office of Adult Students and Evening Services (OASES)
OASES provides a number of services to adults and evening students, including after-hours pickup and delivery of forms and tuition payments.

Center for Graduate Life
The Graduate School and the Center for Graduate Life offer a number of programs and resources designed to support your efforts as a graduate student.